BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal – 2024

Question: What is the price of BYD Dolphin car price in Nepal which was recently launched near 2024? Can you also give some specifications?

As per their website, most recent price of BYD Dolphin in Nepal is Rs. 39.80 lakhs for the only available variant.

Embark on a journey towards a greener future with the BYD Dolphin, a cutting-edge electric vehicle designed to elevate your driving experience while championing sustainability. Packed with innovative features and impressive specifications, this car is poised to revolutionize the way you navigate the roads.

Efficient Performance

Under the hood, the BYD Dolphin boasts a powerful 70 kW motor, delivering a remarkable 180 Nm of torque. Accelerate seamlessly with an impressive 0-100 kmph time of just 12.3 seconds, showcasing the car’s efficient and responsive performance.

Extended Range

The Dolphin is equipped with a high-capacity Blade battery, offering 44.9 kWh of energy to power your journeys. With a range of 340 km according to the WLTP standards, this electric vehicle ensures you can cover substantial distances with confidence, making it an ideal choice for both urban commuting and longer trips.

Innovative Battery Technology

The Blade battery, known for its advanced technology, ensures not only a long range but also a quick and convenient charging experience. Utilize the DC charging option with CCS 2 60 kW or AC charging with Type 2 7 kW, providing flexibility to adapt to various charging infrastructures.

Charging times are optimized for your convenience, with a remarkable 42 minutes required for a 20% to 80% charge using DC 60 kW charging. This efficient charging capability ensures minimal downtime, allowing you to get back on the road swiftly.

Comfortable and Spacious Interior

Step inside the BYD Dolphin, where comfort meets sustainability. With seating for five adults, the interior is designed to provide ample space for passengers. Whether you’re embarking on a daily commute or a weekend getaway, the Dolphin offers a comfortable and inviting environment for all occupants.

Responsive Handling and Safety

The Dolphin is engineered for a smooth and controlled ride, featuring Macpherson Strut front suspension and Torsion Beam rear suspension. Paired with ventilated disc brakes in the front and disc brakes in the rear, the car ensures responsive handling and reliable stopping power, enhancing both performance and safety.

Eco-Friendly Design

Beyond its impressive performance, the BYD Dolphin embodies eco-friendly design principles. As an all-electric vehicle, it produces zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. Make a statement with your choice of transportation by opting for a car that aligns with your commitment to sustainability.

In conclusion, the BYD Dolphin is not just a car; it’s a commitment to a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. With its powerful performance, extended range, and thoughtful design, this electric vehicle is poised to redefine your driving experience while making a positive impact on the planet. Embrace the future of mobility with the BYD Dolphin.


In Nepal, you can get warranty of  “8 Year / 1,60,000 km” in BYD Dolphin car.

*Battery and Vehicle Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

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