You might most likely have alote of fun

Seat. Where the participant sits. Made from: Any logs combined with wool and either cloth, silk, fur or fine cloth. Produced by: With a RS gold knife with logs to create a seat base. Then using wool with the base to create a cushioned base. Ultimately, adding either fabric, silk, fur or delicate fabric with the cushioned base to produce the seat. Requirements: at least 7 fletching for regular seat base and at least 7 crafting for fabric seat.

Horse connection. Made from: Any metal pub. Made by: Using metal pub with anvil to make the connection. Nailed to carriage so that the horse could be attached. Prerequisites: At least three smithing for bronze link. Obviously where I’ve put in prerequisites, Jagex would change to be more appropiate to gamers and the sport and also, each section will give you exp in the skill it requires. Don’t hesitate to comment on the thought and give any tips that might make it Also: completely fire it if u hate it.

But perhaps they’d wish to do lets say a pursuit to have the ability to wear a rune platebody. But they wouldn’t wish to get that 18k in defence or strength!

If you wished to reduce any COMBAT stats like variety, prayer, magic, str, def, and att you’d only need to talk to the de-trainer. SUGGESTION 1: ” I think the de-trainer should only bank a certain amount of xp and you would need to speak to him to return whenever you want. PROS: Great thing Runescape gold 2107 if you would wish to be a certain kind of pure ex. Str pure, def pure, mage pure, array pure etc. or if you leveled something and may regret doing this. CONS: To me personally, I believe it might be a teeny bit unfair im guessing or it may not work. SUGGESTION 2: (this could eliminate the xp eternally )

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