Yamaha bike price in Nepal – 2022

I want someone to list out all Yamaha Bike price in Nepal for 2022. Anyone can submit me the 2022 price list of Yamaha bikes in Nepal without hesitation. The list has to be correct so that I can enter that I can plan for the quotation and prepare budget accordingly. If here are any official dealers of Yamaha bikes, they can feel free to comment on this. I will be happy to reach them personally and ask for quotation from them. For now, I can’t reveal which model of Yamaha bike I want to purchase or the number of units due to our policy for fair competition. Just submit me the 2022 price for Yamaha bike and I will revert back to you for your participation in quotation process.

Novice Asked on June 10, 2021 in Automobile.
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    It is funny that you have asked for 2022 price in 2021. I can only give you Yamaha bike price in Nepal that is prevalent now which is:

    • R3 – ₨924,900
    • R15 V3 – ₨477,900
    • FAZER-25 –  ₨414,900
    • FZ-25 – ₨​442,900
    • FZS V3 – ₨329,900
    • FZS V2 – ₨304,900
    • MT-15 – ₨442,900
    • FZ V2 – ₨​284,900

    That is not all. So, visit showroom of Yamaha bikes in Nepal for more details.

    Novice Answered on June 11, 2021.
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