WoW Burning Crusade Classic: How to jump in layers in the game

With the re-release of The Burning Crusade Classic, this highly anticipated WoW iconic expansion has attracted many players to embark on a new adventure. Many new and old players venture into the Dark Portal and experience its demonic horror firsthand. It is worth noting that if the player wants to enter WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic with friends, then the player needs to understand the level jump. If you don’t understand it yet, don’t worry, the following guide can help you.

Unlike the retail version of WoW, WoW Classic includes the concept of “layer jump”. This is due to the programming of the game. There are multiple versions of the same world in each domain that the player visits in WoW Classic, all of which are superimposed on each other. These are the “layers” of the player. This is a simple method of population control, because when a person reaches the TBC Classic Gold population limit, any new players who log in will be sent to the next available “tier”.

However, if the player wants to play with a group of friends and the player is playing another one, the problem will arise. After all, if there are guild members around the player, exploring Azeroth will be more interesting. If the player wants to dive into another floor, then the player needs to know which floor the player is on. The best way is to install the Nova World Buffs plugin.

In order to jump in layers, players first need to download and install Nova World Buffs. Then go to the “Configuration” menu. Select “Show minimap layers” and close the menu. Players will now see the layer they are on, displayed at the bottom of the minimap. The player needs to aim at the NPC to see this, otherwise, it will continue to show “no layer”. You can now request layer hops by typing “find layer hops instead of layer [X]”. Make sure you specify the layer you don’t want to end.

There are many benefits of layer skipping. Players can play with friends, make new friends, or even just change the WOW Classic TBC Gold scenery. In terms of collectibles, players can also collect different resources faster. So, this is all the knowledge players need to start traveling around Azeroth and Outland. In addition, players should also accumulate WOW TBC Classic Gold in advance to increase their advantages. The efficiency of players obtaining TBC Classic Gold in the game is far from enough, and MMOWTS provides all players with the cheapest WOW TBC Classic Gold.

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