What to buy with bitcoin?

I am wondering what to buy with bitcoin. Why is the bitcoin in first place itself when we have hard-cash money. Besides, we have digital wallets like PayPal and all to serve the purpose of convenient payment processor online. Many of the stores offline or online doesn’t support bitcoin. Moreover, bitcoin is an online or digital currency. So, how will we perform hard-cash transactions where there is no internet facilities. Please, let me know what sort of services or products we can buy with bitcoin.

Novice Asked on February 25, 2017 in Business & Finances.
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    If it had been 2-3 years back, it would have been relevant to ask what to buy with bitcoin. However, now the scenario has changed and bitcoin is getting more popularity. Many of the recognized organizations like Microsoft has started accepting bitcoins as well. Lot of vendors has started accepting payments in bitcoin. What you can do is, instead of thinking what you can buy with bitcoin, you can make product specific search. For example, if you want to buy web hosting with bitcoin, you can make a search in google with query “buy web hosting with bitcoin” or something similar. Another example would be: Suppose you want to purchase airway tickets, then you can google “purchase air ticket with bitcoin”. This way you can have more information about whether the product you want to buy is available to be purchase in bitcoin or not.

    Novice Answered on February 25, 2017.
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