What is the data center location of Google?

I am so much interested to know about Google Data centers. Can someone tell me where all its servers are located. They must be needing thousands of servers to host all of our data from billions of users. I wonder how much data it must be handling. Our hard-disk gets full just to store few movies. What it might required to store such large number of files.

Novice Asked on October 24, 2020 in Web & Internet.
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    Bro, Google data centers are located in lots of places. So, it will be difficult to mention each and every facility here. In North America itself, Google has data centers in thirteen different locations, all of which are placed in USA. In Europe, it ha its facilities in Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Belgium. In Asia, it has its data center in Singapore and Taiwan.

    For more details check: https://datacenterlocations.com/google/

    Novice Answered on June 10, 2021.
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