What about killing bandos for 200 kills per journey?

At the bottom, you can add worthwhile content. Include content from levels 70 – 99 of Herblore if there isn’t enough. Reduce the severity of RuneScape Gold xp curves, for example beginning at 70 and to 70. While skills should be more difficult to increase than 10 times, it shouldn’t be as hard.


That never used to be an issue prior to the need to level that high…now it is for many people because there’s actually content up there. There must be a way that makes mid-level content worthwhile and not just a way for a end (high-level content). I’m not sure what it would be.


A small percentage of the community actually participate to get a sense of achievement. Most of the players are trying to attain 200m skills. They gain no content, yet they still play playing. To me, runescape is a game that has no real end game. What about killing bandos for 200 kills per journey? What’s the reason? What is the reason?


Jagex has announced an event for beta testing in the mad scientist costume. It’s nearly impossible for lower skillers to complete the last part. Intermediate levels should find it easy. It’s harder than I expected I did it, and attempted it (65 att str, def, and att) using melee (didn’t think of getting runes for slayer dart or something more powerful than melee). And completely failed with Ahrim, which should be very easy but I just couldn’t hit the guy in any way (the only hits came due to my deflect prayer I think).


For those who have difficulty doing this event I suggest you kill the brothers using normal Rs. Logout once you are able to enter the tunnels log out and login into beta. The rest can be done in beta (I had the ability, for some reason, to Buy OSRS Fire Cape loot and obtain the last piece of the chest without killing the final brother).

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