Upcoming Persona Event Will Not Have Any New Game Announcements

Atlus has affirmed that the upcoming “Persona Live” event will not highlight any announcements of new Persona games. Atlus declared the show series would return recently subsequent to missing 2020 and 2021 because of the continuous Coronavirus pandemic. The half-yearly show has ordinarily highlighted music from all through the JRPG establishment’s celebrated history, alongside a lot of updates about new games in the establishment. Presently, Atlus has affirmed the newest cycle of the two-day music event will not uncover any new games.

Atlus made the declaration in regards to the Persona Live on Tuesday, with the show coming as a feature of the Persona establishment’s 25th commemoration festivities. The Persona PR group uncovered a few new components coming as a feature of the show, including a day to day existence measured sculpture of Persona 5’s Arsene close by the sculptures of notable Personas Thanatos and Izanagi. The finish of the declaration explicitly affirms that Atlus will not be making any announcements connecting with a new Persona game during the show.

The affirmation of no new announcements comes as fans have wildly estimated a Persona 6 declaration could come during the commemoration merriments. While past work postings from Atlus have apparently affirmed Persona 6 is being developed, the JRPG engineer still can’t seem to offer any authority expressions about the continuation. An extended break between fundamental series games is nothing new for the Persona establishment, with an eight-year hole between the Japanese arrival of Persona 4 out of 2008 and Persona 5 of every 2016.






While no new games will come during the commemoration show, Atlus actually has more announcements arranged all through the remainder of the year. The schedule of Persona announcements Atlus has refreshed all through the year actually shows one more anticipated the festival scheduled for Harvest time 2022. Past announcements have uncovered the upcoming Persona live show and Persona 4 Field Ultimax coming to present day consoles, alongside ports of Persona 3, 4, and 5 to different stages.

While Atlus will not be making any new game announcements, the Persona establishment has a lot in store all through the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. The beforehand referenced port of Persona 5 Illustrious is set to send off on PC, PS5, Xbox control center, and Switch one month from now with Persona 4 Brilliant and 3 Convenient coming at some point one year from now. Persona 5 has likewise been highlighted in hybrids with different games throughout the last year, including Speculative chemistry Stars and Last Dream Valiant Exvius. Despite the fact that a Persona 6 uncover won’t come during the Persona Live, Atlus is putting out a lot to hold over Persona’s energetic fanbase.

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