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What are the types of textile?  I heard Nepal & particularly Kathmandu is good for exporting textile. However, I don’t the types of textiles available and how we get to know the quality of them. How to differentiate what type of textile is suitable for what kind of things? Can someone share their knowledge & expertise on it. BTW, I am from USA and looking for some vendors to do some import business here in USA.

Novice Asked on April 5, 2016 in Lifestyle.
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    Textiles types are classified according to their component fibers into silk, wool, linen, cotton, such synthetic fibers as rayon, nylon, and polyesters, and some inorganic fibers, such as cloth of gold, glass fiber, and asbestos cloth.

    Similarly, types of textile fibers are: 1) Natural Fibers 2) Man-made Fibers

    For more details on types & quality of textiles I suggest you to google “textile shop or industries in Kathmandu/Nepal”, get website or contact details from there and directly contact the local person. Nepali are good hearted people and they will give you a good detail on anything you want to know about textile.

    Novice Answered on April 5, 2016.
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