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Hey guys, I want to know the types of gate. Can someone explain what are the types of gate?

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    If you mean types of gates for houses or building, basically there can be three types of gates:

    1. Swing gates: The most common choice of homeowners, these gates open inwards or outwards in a single- or double-door construction. Swing gates are easier to install and usually cost less than other automated gate systems.
    2. Swing gates: If you have high traffic flow or limited space at the entrance point to your home or residential community, a gate that slides open might be preferable to a swing gate. Rolling gates slide open on a v-track embedded in the driveway.
    3. Cantilever gates: Cantilever gates slide open on a counterbalance system, “free-floating” off the driveway.

    Although rolling gates take up less space, cantilever gates are ideal for homes that experience frequent snow or ice that might obstruct the track on a typical rolling gate.

    Also, nowadays there comes automated doors  with sensors and added security. You can do a research on them if that is what you want. For normal household purpose you can use swing gates.


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    Since you haven’t the mention gates for what kind of purpose, the answer could be different if you have asked about types of gate used in hydro power structures which are basically termed as hydraulic gates.

    There are basically two types of hydraulic gates:

    1. Radial Gates
    2. Vertical Lift Gates: It can again be further divided as: a) Fixed wheel type gate & b) Slide type gate.


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    I am computer geek guy. Since you haven’t clearly mentioned what kind of gate you are talking about, I am going to tell you some logical gates. If you are talking in regards to digital systems which uses the logic gates, then these gates are the AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, EXOR and EXNOR gates.

    The table in the image below describes various types of logic gates with their symbol:

    Types of logic gatesTypes of logic gates

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