Truss bridge designs

I am across this truss bridge and was curious about its civil or structural engineering application however couldn’t find the truss bridge designs or specifications. Why we choose truss bridge over any other bridges? What are the conditions or criteria under which choice of it is made. Also, please provide more information on designs of truss bridge as well. Any sort of knowledge shared on this regard will be much appreciated.

Novice Asked on February 1, 2017 in Engineering & Science.
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    I would be very glad to share with you few of the truss bridge designs. This image has most of them covered:

    RE: Truss bridge designs

    Since you can come up with n no. of such designs, it is not the complete set. However, these images should give a tentative idea of how they are. For specifications about individual design mentioned above in the image, you can google the name of type of each bridges and then find out information on those individual items. Hope this helps.

    Novice Answered on February 1, 2017.
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