This is a great idea for melee and mage

Ok, i am fairly certain that I am aware of RuneScape Gold the significance of afk training. But, I’m interested is it in violation of RS rules. What would be the best option for me? These items can be modified by you. What suggestions do you have for me to i afk train on? Include the addresses of the suggested monsters.

AFK training is in essence in essence, a violation of RS rules. It can be done in small increments that RS does not stop you from the program, and you don’t need an application to accomplish it. But, clicking and leaving your computer is all that’s required. However, it is against the rules of Runescape to use programs to train when you are not in front of your keyboard.

This is a bad idea. Everyone hates autoers. If you’re thinking of the method i described where you just click and go off the keyboard for a bit then there’s no need for that. It will be impossible to accomplish anything if you limit the time you can leave your keyboard before you log out. It’s best to remain on the computer, or read a book, and turn the volume up to let the creature die if you’re training for combat.

This is a great idea for melee and mage. It is common to 2007 RS Items carry the ammunition along when you travel to within range. You can, but it is possible.

Autoing is against my rules. I strongly recommend against it. Only one “AFK training” is that i mentioned above. It’s more of “turnoff chat so that no one else can communicate with you” and “train while multitasking”.

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