These versions are more complete than the previous

Ok… My suggestion is to develop an RuneScape gold HQ for the clan in clan wars. Once you have completed what you’ll need to build a adequate HQ, you can even participate within it. In order to make it enough, you’ll need at least six barricades, a 200-step long field, a fortress, and 2 guard turrets.

These versions are more complete than the previous versions and merit the title “dragon”. The chapter’s end has the level 500 Rorgon. Rorgon is a dragonkin. He, Wyvoch, and Nesazi are the three characters you were able to see at the conclusion of While Guthix Sleeps. Rorgon is in a multicombat zone, so bring friends. He teleports away and leaves things on the ground, instead of dying.

While I would love to submit my suggestion directly to Runescape, it is not feasible. I’m not a member, but a free player. If anyone RC members would like to take advantage of this idea, go ahead. Are you in search of the fastest way to increase your stats after having completed all of your member’s quests or quests for free?

Well my idea, is the idea of a skill-based side-quest. These side-quests can only be completed if you have completed all the quests: Cooking, making fire, crafting. Fishing, magic mining, prayer rangeing, runecrafting. Smithing. Woodcutting. These side-quests for members can only be completed when you are at a certain quest points (this depends on the Runescape Staff): Agility Construction, Farming Fletching Herblore, Slayer Summoning, Thieving…

Example of side-quests: You finnished all of your free quest, and you’re at a low level of prayer, and you have an extremely difficult time trying to obtain giant bones because of other players. The monastery will have one monk who can help you.

You are presented with an unexpected side-quest to pray. He asks you to cleanse the water around the white knights castle. When the purifier has been completed, you’ll need to put it in the river that flows around the castle of the white knights. When you complete the side-quest, you gain alot of exp to your prayer skills. It is only possible to repeat the accomplish side-quest once for every four hours.

This topic will not be fancy, just boring text. If you don’t want to read, then you can leave this post immediately… NOW! Once buy OSRS gold you’re done with that, let’s get on to the real thing. The actual blog post begins at 3…2…1…

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