The latest update of Bless Unleashed introduces new content for players

On September 15th, the Bless Unleashed PC version brought a huge update, which introduced new Nightspire Dungeon and Twisted Void Spider Queen live bosses. At the same time, other Bless Unleashed Star Seeds content has been added to the game, including changes to balance PvP and new rules for the Lumena store.

New content
If the player wants to experience the new time dungeon called Nightspire: Caverns of Wrath, the player needs to be at least level 35 to enter. The dungeon is divided into three parts, and each part contains powerful bosses, so players must be prepared for anything that may happen.

In addition, the latest update also introduces a new field boss, the Twisting Void Spider Queen. She is located in the spider cave north of Triesteza. Unlike the ordinary spider queen, this new field boss offers a completely different set of challenges. Players must remain vigilant and avoid her traps at all costs.

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

Lumena store changes
Previously, players could buy anything from the Lumena store and register them to the market to sell game currency. However, this is no longer possible because all items purchased from the store are now tied to the Bless Unleashed Star Seeds For Sale player’s account. Those who registered Lumena Shop items in the marketplace before this update can still sell them to other players.

PvP balance
The September 15th update significantly changed PvP by reducing the damage of normal attacks by 50% and the damage of attack skills by up to 85%. Developers may have made this change to make PvP matches last longer, which requires players to have more skills. Players can improve their overall strength by accumulating Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in advance. As a professional seller, MMOWTS will provide all sellers with the cheapest Bless Unleashed Star Seeds on the market.

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