The Last of Us Part 1 Has Final Fantasy 7 Easter Egg With Cloud and Tifa

The Last of Us Part 1 players as of late found a beguiling Easter egg honoring a sweet second among Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix delivered Final Fantasy 7 Revamp in 2020, making this Easter egg an enchanting gesture starting with one PS5 change then onto the next.

Twitter user hugo_artist and Reddit user PrincessSaba were among the Final Fantasy fans to find this Easter egg in The Last of Us Part 1. The last option posted screen captures of the accolade on the Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7, and Final Fantasy 7 Change subreddits.

The Easter egg being referred to appears as a banner on the mass of a room in the school dorm highlighted in Section 8 of The Last of Us Part 1. On the subsequent floor, past the loft inside room number 200, players will find two banners holding tight the wall, neither of which were in the first form of The Last of Us. The bigger of the two banners is blurred, water harmed, and one person’s face is fixed. In any case, players can in any case recognize two characters sitting under a brilliant sky. After looking into it further, the pair look like Could and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, with Tifa laying her head on Cloud’s shoulder.


The banner portrays a scene close to the furthest limit of Final Fantasy 7 where Tifa and Cloud share a peaceful second underneath the stars. It likewise exposes a line of Japanese characters over “Stargazer” in Japanese and English. Sadly, the more modest first series of characters is excessively blurred for fans to make out. One user in the Final Fantasy 7 Redo subreddit likewise brought up that the lodging where Cloud and Tifa stay during Final Fantasy 7 is classified “Stargazer Levels,” uncovering an additional layer to the reference.

The second, more modest banner is a touch even more a secret. It portrays a huge tree with Japanese characters illuminating the title “Tree of the Sun.” similar words likewise show up in English beneath the principal title. It’s muddled on the off chance that this is a reference to another game or just an imaginary JRPG that exists within the Last of Us universe. Be that as it may, the last option appears to be almost certain given the banner’s more modest size and conventional name and work of art.

To an easygoing fan, The Last of Us Part 1 and Final Fantasy 7 Revamp don’t have a lot of in like manner past the two games being on the PlayStation 5. Be that as it may, engineers from Square Enix and Mischievous Canine are supposedly very well disposed with one another over virtual entertainment, flagging a level of shared regard between the studios. Final Fantasy 7 Change co-chief Motomu Toriyama even lauded The Last of Us Part 2 during a July 2021 meeting for TheGamer, it Canine’s game “sets a benchmark” for LGBTQ portrayal in the industry to say that Mischievous.

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