The first thing that I did after the beginner

There isn’t really a mill for a day. When you consider the potential cost of selling it in a store for 70k80k instead of aion classic kinah basically setting yourself up for earn 200k300k for each account you bring to lvl 10 which is hours of work. I don’t think anyone has really bothered.

The first thing that I did after the beginner rush had finished was to upgrade numerous alts to be able to sell several times daily.

The first character took me 2 hours to complete. I didn’t know the fastest way of hitting 10, but each character that followed was shorter. Mage took only 59 minutes for the most difficult. It’s not an enormous time investment for a permanent ~300K a day.

I haven’t seen any bots in Morheim or Beluslan So it’s likely the method they’re using to obtain Kinah too. This is likely due to the fact that it doesn’t require the purchase of Siel’s Aura. If I’m able to do it with just one player in 59mins (while having 10 minutes of it sitting in a mana pool) Bots could easily do it in less since a 6-man stack has 0 downtime.

Bots aren’t in use because the bots in level 4045 are no longer in use , and farming is more frequent in higher levels. This is the reason why you find people selling hundreds of hard-to-acquire materials for thousands of dollars, whereas a typical player could only afford few.

And if you’re able to do efficiently and efficiently, then good for you man. I’m not sure if it’s worth the work and effort involved in account juggling. i’ve personally never really liked those kinds of loopholes.

A seasoned botter wouldn’t say, “Okay my first batch of 45 levels, let’s take a break from all those early zones , and be patient until we get started on the next batch.” If you’re doing just one, it’s because they’re taking both of them, since if they are banned, they’re not going to think “Oh fuck I just lost money for a few days until I’m back to 45.”

In all honesty, I think you’re underestimating how much time some people have to spend. I spent 6 gathering last night and walked away with more than 7,000 Aether gems.

This is the great thing about farming in Aion. After you’ve achieved a leveling of the crops then you can put them aside and concentrate on other jobs. What did you do in 6 hours? I was playing another game on the second screen.

All this candy complaining is a waste of time, since every game has gold sellers from the beginning. The people have always bought kinah from gold sellers. now, before and in the near future. The buy aion classic kinah eu only difference is that they pay the actual money to the developer, not the gold sellers

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