Tata Car price in Nepal

What is the tata car price in Nepal in 2018? Are they coming with anything NADA auto show starting this 11th of  September 2018. I want the latest price updates on passenger cars of Tata. How would you rate their cars and after service?

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    Tata cars start from the price of around 25 Lakhs nepali rupees. And you can get their vehicles upto the price of around 90 lakhs nepali rupees. So, you can see that Tata has cars in all price range for both starter and high-end customers. Tata vehicles have quite improved over the years. So has their customer service, be it after sales service or before sales service. They have all category of vehicles such as Tiago, Tigor, Bolt, Zest, Nexon, Sumo, Safari and Hexa. Tata Hexa is the most expensive one, which is a SUV. Tata Tiago is the cheapest one, which is a hatchback. For more details, you may check: https://carnepal.com/tata/

    Talking about NADA auto show 2018 happening this year starting at 11th of September, news is that they are launching their Electric Vehicle (EV) car in the show. It could be Tigor or Tiago. Also, they are planning to launch AMT version of Tata Nexon. So, it will be quite interesting this time.

    Novice Answered on September 8, 2018.
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    Starting price of Tata car in Nepal is Rs. 24,95,000.

    Novice Answered on September 19, 2018.
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    List of Tata Car Price in Nepal

    Thank you anonymous person (whoever is the person posting this question ) for putting up the query and using our forum. Yes, you did the right research on Tata cars price in Nepal. Like you just mentioned, it starts at price of Rs. 24,95,000 and the model you get for that price is Tata Tiago. But since no one has given a very clear cut answer that would be helpful to not just you but everyone looking for Tata cars in Nepal, I would like to elaborate the answer with the price-list table. Here is the price list of Tata cars in Nepal:

    Tata Cars Price
    Tata Tiago Rs. 24,95,000
    Tata Tigor Rs. 27,25,000
    Tata Bolt Rs. 32,95,000
    Tata Zest Rs. 32,55,000
    Tata Nexon Rs. 34,95,000
    Tata Sumo Rs. 34,55,000
    Tata Sumo Gold Rs. 40,55,000
    Tata Safari Storme Rs. 57,95,000
    Tata Hexa Rs. 91,55,000

    Remember these price are only the starting price of given model of cars. I took reference from the page of Tata car price in Nepal 2018.

    Nexon Tata Car price in Nepal 2018

    For price information of various other cars and vehicles, you can always refer to car price in Nepal. This is where I copied the price list from.

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    Hope you liked our  price list of Tata cars in Nepal. However, if you want to know price information of all other brands of cars available in Nepal, you would definitely like to check our list of car price in Nepal.

    For other models of Tata cars or pickup, you may look into following:

    Novice Answered on September 21, 2018.
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