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If I can make it by myself, or  RuneScape gold obtain it through a monster drop it will be the only way I will get them. This doesn’t include runes, but it does include staves. I’ll still purchase items from GE, and other players, to improve my skills but not for combat. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated My character is Joe4037 If you’d like to check stats.

This slot holds my current equipment. Melee: Purchased plates, a runeplate and smithed and crafted an adamant fullhelm. In my spare time I owned an armored mirror. I have a mystic air combatstaff but no armor. Ranging I have a green dragonhide body, legs, and snakeskin boots as well as a mithril crossbow and bolts made of steel. I do have the ava’s device but it’s the lowest level currently.

Other: I own a regen bracelet and an amulet of glory. After careful thought I’ll make use of these. I’ll purchase equipment from NPCs. This was not something I saw in any updates or announcements so I decided to post this here for everyone to talk about. Dear RuneScape Community: I’d like to spend a few minutes of your time and discuss the emotional issue we face as a community, bots.

When we brought back Free Trade and the Wilderness at the start of the year, we made a promise to combine that with programs that would counter the inevitable botting. Over the last few weeks, we have launched a variety of programs to do this. Some we haven’t mentioned to you due to legal reasons, others because we don’t want to warn bot manufacturers and gold farmers of these counter measures.

The issue for us is that regardless of all the programs and best intentions, the issue remains a major issue and, most annoyingly of all, is still negative impacting certain aspects of our game. We will continue to buy old school runescape gold battle bots from all sides.

Novice Asked on September 16, 2021 in Games & Sports.
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