Rsgoldfast – Shades of Mor’Ton as well as the Myreque


Quest rewards Thwait’s Tome. Gives 8.5k for any 2 Skill of OSRS gold your choice beyond Level 35. Thwait’s (P++) Dagger. Master Theif Armband. With your player name on it. 11,500 Theiving Points XP

Quest Title: Repairing Burgh De Rott. Skills Required: 40 Construction. 40 Farming. 40 Cooking. 40 Fishing. Level 40 Crafting. Ability to defeat multiple Vyretwach. The following are required items:Lobster Pot; 80 planks, 300 nails of steel 10 bolts of cloth potato seeds, onion seeds, bagged Willow Tree, Bagged Oak Tree and Bagged Nice Tree.

Shades of Mor’Ton as well as the Myreque: In Assistance to the Myreque. To begin this quest you must speak to Florin in Burgh De Rott. Good morning! (Player Name). It was very nice of you to take a few minutes to work on Burgh De Rott. The place is still a little bit ugly. Yeah, its a shame that our walls are broken, our bridge is busted and we are without food.

Perhaps I can help with a little more, but I’ve made a fantastic base for the Myreque. That would be great. First The Inn requires some attention. Speak to the Innkeeper, then head over to the inn. Hi there, (Playername). What has brought you back to Burgh De Rott, what brings you back? Florin advised me to take care of the Inn. What do I do? To make this pump, we could use approximately 8 cups asgardian ale.

Give the Innkeeper 8 Glasses of Asgardian Ale. Innkeeper: Okay, just let me fill it up. Innkeeper fills the pumps. Innkeeper: Okay, next the wall back here is all in the surface. To cheap RuneScape gold repair the walls, we will need approximately 25 planks and 50 nails.

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