Psychz Port 25 Block?

Hi guys,

Just provisioned my 3rd dedicated box with Psychz. Been super happy with them. On this 3rd server, however, port 25 outbound will not work. It’s a cPanel server with CentOS 7.

Have had 3 cPanel techs. look at it, plus a 3rd party admin just to verify I’m not going insane, and all are saying it is being blocked at the network level. However, the techs. are saying they only block SMTP at the router, and there is nothing on the router blocking port 25 for my server. They swear up and down that it is happening at the server level, even though 5 of us can’t find anything to indicate that.

I can telnet into the server on IPv4 Port 25, but a telnet outbound times out. I can telnet in and out on IPv6. Nothing in iptables. In fact, disabled iptables and firewalld with same results. This does not happen on the other 2 servers at all, which are are provisioned basically exactly the same as this one. This one is even in the same DC location as another I have with them.

I have escalated it to their management, but have not heard back yet. I’m not surprised or disappointed. It’s the weekend. I’m really not expecting a reply until Monday.

Are there any other tests I can do in the meantime? Anything else I can do to show that it is not happening at the server level? Has anybody else had this happen with their servers at Psychz?

Thanks in advance!!

Novice Asked on January 25, 2018 in Web & Internet.
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