Price of Vespa in Nepal

What is the price of Vespa in Nepal? I want the details of models or variants available for Vespa scooters in Nepal alongside price for each variant.

Novice Asked on January 18, 2018 in Automobile.
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    Vespa Scooter Models Price
    Vespa Elegante Rs. 3,49,946
    Vespa SXL 125 Rs. 2,99,946
    Vespa SXL 150 Rs. 3,19,946
    Vespa SXL Matte Red 150 Rs. 3,25,946
    Vespa VXL 125 Rs. 2,85,946
    Vespa VXL 150 Rs. 3,09,946
    Vespa LT 125 3V Rs. 3,95,000
    Vespa LX 125 Rs. 2,39,946
    Novice Answered on January 18, 2018.
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    Currently, 5 different models of Piaggio Vespa scooters are on sale in the Nepali market. Each model also further categorized into two variants based on its engine; 125cc and 150cc, except two model, the Vespa Elegante and Vespa Notte. This brings the total variant of Vespa scooters available in Nepal to 8. So, without further delay let’s jump into the list of Vespa scooters price in Nepal.

    Vespas Scooter Models Price (Rs.)
    Vespa LX 125 Rs. 259946
    Vespa VXL 125 Rs. 309946
    Vespa Notte Rs. 259946
    Vespa VXL 150 Rs. 349946
    Vespa SXL 125 Rs. 320946
    Vespa SXL MATTE 125 Rs. 325946
    Vespa SXL 150 Rs. 370946
    Vespa Elegante 150 Rs. 395946
    Novice Answered on December 31, 2018.
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