Plasmolifting PRP Tubes

Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
What is plasmolifting?
Plasmolifting or PRP therapy is not only a cosmetological, but also a medical procedure involving the injection into the skin of blood plasma obtained from the patient and separated from the blood cells, which is also called autoplasm. The method has many ways of application, one of which is to increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce wrinkles. This has made it in demand in cosmetology, in particular for rejuvenation of the face and neck, both for women and men.
Plasmolifting is also used to eliminate stretch marks, combat hair loss and for many other purposes.
Our website offers, among other things, the so-called PRP-Tubes for the production of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
Plasma itself is a liquid component of blood. It contains special shaped elements of blood – platelets. These small blood plates, which do not have a nucleus, are synthesized in the cells of the red bone marrow and help to activate the skin repair process. They are, in fact, fragments of megakaryocytes, which are the precursors of all the shaped elements of the blood. And on their surface are concentrated the so-called growth factors, the composition of which provides an impact on all stages of regeneration at the same time.
In addition to growth factors, micro- and macroelements, vitamins and amino acids are present in plasma.

Plasmolifting PRP Tubes

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