Overwatch 2 Reveals Kiriko’s Origin Story

Overwatch 2 has released a new video for new support legend Kiriko that shows what inspired her skills and association with the fox spirit. The Kiriko Origin Story trailer shows how she was raised and what inspires her to turn into a legend to those that can’t battle for themselves.

The short legend origin story video released for Kiriko shows her embracing techniques and her morals from members of her loved ones. Between her grandmother’s association with the Fox Spirit that Overwatch 2 developers have been showing glimpses of leading the pack dependent upon her uncover and her mother’s decision to prepare with the Shimada family, Kiriko was split between two ideologies to track down her part in the custom of safeguarding her city.

















Kiriko was prepared under the two members of her family growing up and shows how she takes every one of their teachings to turn into her own person. Dissimilar to the Shimada brothers, there is no smidgen of a subtle conflict or strife between her mother and grandmother as she gets more seasoned and chooses her own way. The Recuperating Ofuda and the Kunai Blades are Kiriko’s fundamental abilities and fans see her preparation and using both in the origin story video. It is her preparation in both of these skills that inspire her to be what her identity is.

Towards the finish of the video, fans see Kiriko as part of a gathering of beautiful characters. These are the Yokai, a gathering of ninjas around the same age as her that guard Kanezaka from the Hashimoto tribe. The Hashimotos rose up and assumed command over the city after the fall of the Shimada tribe. They also kidnapped her father. These events prompted Kiriko joining the Yokai and their pursuit of guarding Kanezaka. Just as Kiriko represents the Fox Spirit, every individual from the Yokai embraces an aspect of Japanese culture.

Overwatch fans are currently seeing the full person uncover for Kiriko following quite a while of leaks and speculation paving the way to the Early Access release of Overwatch 2. However the methods of getting Kiriko in-game have been a contentious subject of discussion, her inclusion in the game finally gives support players a new legend to play and will undoubtedly shake up the gameplay meta.

One might say that Kiriko’s gameplay style and personal mantra line up with Snowstorm’s intentions with Overwatch 2. Inviting the practice of the game with fun characters that fans will appreciate playing and how she will cooperate with other heroes, and embracing the cutting edge with the faster gameplay style of 5v5, the Overwatch 2 allowed to-play model and fight pass system, and a new period in the game’s turn of events.

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