My personal favorite would be 99 Defense

Even though I’m an inactive OSRS GP player, my understanding of the game is not sufficient to suggest any reasonable ways to do that. There are methods to eliminate the money that has been in circulation for a long time, such as the shops and sawmills. They managed to keep inflation under control between 2001 and 2009.

It’s evident that it is not enough. Maybe the shop selections and prices need to be altered to increase spending. The quantity of gold sucked up by monsters may need to be lowered, even though it is low. It is possible that you are incorrect. The rate of inflation is exponential, and the rate at which one earns GP isn’t.

What was your most memorable game-related achievement? The goal should be one that that you are proud of once you’ve completed it. You can accomplish anything you want, such as a level or a cape for comps, or killing an enemy. My personal favorite would be 99 Defense. It was long on my list because of the importance of defense in tanking. Since 2006, I’ve not had members and was forced to complete the game in free play. It was also mine during my inactive period from 2007-2013.

How has armour changed due to the constant combat changes and what is evolving? Based on what I’ve seen I’m left with these questions. If armour no longer gives bonus points for attack, what incentives can I give to use my appropriate gear for my class? The new d’hide/ purple gownsand rune appear to have the same defense/life bonuses. How does this work? Are those robes as safe as rune? Why will I wear robes instead of rune?

In the theory of that old school runescape buy gold offensive bonuses no longer offered by armor, if my job is to protect archers and mage, then wearing inferior armor should not render me less valuable than someone who wears the highest-end armor. Does that make sense?


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