Mahindra Scorpio price in Nepal – 2022

I am keen to know the price of 2022 Mahindra Scorpio in Nepal. Can I know the tentative data of when Mahindra will launch 2022 model of Mahindra Scorpio SUV in Nepal along with the price list of each of the Scorpio model? Also, recently Agni Mahindra is selling only S5 and S7 models in Nepal. Can we see past variants like S2, S3, S4, S6, S8, S10, S11 or S12?

Novice Asked on June 10, 2021 in Automobile.
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    In India, it is expected that 2022 models of Mahindra Scorpio will be launched in January. So, don’t expect Mahindra Scorpio 2022 model in Nepal any time soon before that. For the price, you can expect price increment of around 0.5 – 2lakhs in current price, if the model remains same. It should not be more than that in my opinion based on what I have seen in past. For now, don’t expect revival of old Scorpio SUV models like S2, S3, S4, S6, S8, S10, S11 or S12.  Since they are going “odd” man in, and currently there are S5 and S7 in the market., you may expect variants like S11 or S13 coming back again.

    This page updates and reflects the changes if there is any, in the price of Mahindra Scorpio (2022 or future models):

    Novice Answered on June 10, 2021.
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