Karamja could really use an overhaul

I agree on the boundaries, although Jagex have made the transition from desert a bit smoother. Even when I first started I found it really strange. It would also be nice if we could have more rivers for OSRS gold the canoe transportation system. If we made the map bigger, it’d be useful.

Karamja could really use an overhaul. It appears to be a large area to the south of Brimhaven. This is not realistic. Legends’ Quest is something I have never done before having to cancel my membership. However the Kharazi Jungle appears like it could easily be traveled north to south within 10 seconds.

The middle age of England (around 1150) was the setting for a book I read this Summer. The characters spent their days walking to get from one place to another. The solitary forest was the most popular method of travel, in which bandits and outlaws were constantly at your back.

The story is fictional however I think it is mostly accurate in relation to the areas between major towns. This feeling is not present in Runescape except for the Wilderness or the Kharidian Desert. They are both huge and buy RS gold risky, particularly for those who aren’t experienced travellers. Additionally, they have little content.

Novice Asked on October 14, 2021 in Softwares.
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