Jackson was the 7th running back designated

This week, EA Sports announced that Madden nfl 22 coins not only will Jackson make a return to play for the first time in a while following Madden NFL 15 in 1987, but he’ll also receive the honor of being an official Madden cover player. In the next 35 years, nearly 35 years since his NFL career began back in 1987 Jackson can be seen on a digital cover for Madden NFL 22. And beginning Friday, gamers will once again be able to play with him on the internet. EA Sports also teamed up with Nike to revisit the famous sportswear brand’s Bo Knows ad campaign by adding a digitally rendered model of his signature shoe which is called the Nike Air Bo Turf in the gameplay.

Jackson was the 7th running back designated a Madden cover athlete. This follows Eddie George (Madden 2001), Marshall Faulk (Madden 2003), Shaun Alexander (Madden 2007), Peyton Hillis (Madden 12), Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders (both Madden 25).

The cover’s reveal was a few days ago. The Undefeated’s Aaron Dodson caught up with Jackson to discuss Jackson’s Tecmo Bowl days, how Bo Knows came to life during his Madden return, and much more.

The conversation was edited to improve clarity and clarity.

What does it mean for you that you are finally a cover athlete for the sport 35 years after your career first began?

This has been in development on and off for many years. The timing had to be just right for my brand. I worked with the Madden team to sort things out, dot every i’s, cross all the t’s -when we had that done, the rest was just going to be a breeze. I figured that, somewhere in my history I’d done something right so that I could be looked at as one of the great sportsmen from more than 30 years ago. Madden is still thinking enough of me to do something like this.

Your legacy in video games dates back to 1989 when you became the star of Tecmo Bowl. What was it like to see yourself virtually back then?

I’m still thinking of myself as a player in the Tecmo Bowl. I’ve still got my video games. I’ve got the computer for it to use. But it’s in a storage box that’s in storage. It’s iconic. It makes me feel good to have grown men in their 40s telling me”Hey, my cousin and I were involved in the most intense fight of our lives due to the fact that we both wanted to be you in the Tecmo Bowl when we were young. Then our parents took the game and my dad locked the game in his tool cabinet. We couldn’t play with it for a month due to the fight was too intense. I hear this often. When I attend exhibitions of sports memorabilia, people are able to come up with the cheap mut coins madden 22 video game. They say, ‘I still got the machine to play it on. My kids play it. My grandkids play it … and everybody has a debate about who’s gonna become Bo Jackson.’ Tecmo Bowl … that was an enormous amount of technology back then. When you look at it today and you think, “Wow this is an old fashioned.’

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