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Hey guys, I want to know the price of Isuzu pickup vehicles in Nepal. This week I went to NADA Autoshow 2018 and was quite impressed with the vehicle. Particularly S-cab. They had three models of Isuzu pickup trucks. I forgot name of other two models. If I remember correctly, S-cab came at around Rs. 38-39 Lakhs with discount at NADA. That is quite cheap compared to other pickup cars. However, I forgot the name and price of other two models which happened to come with full options. Only deficiency I found in Isuzu S-cab was that it didn’t have 4WD. So, I may need to purchase higher end vehicle.

So, can one please provide me the Isuzu pickup price in Nepal for all models available?

Novice Asked on September 15, 2018 in Automobile.
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    Here comes Mahesh to your rescue. I had gone to NADA auto show too. Isuzu are selling V-cross and D-max apart from S-cab. That is surely what you are looking for. Like you said, V-cross and S-cab comes with full option and more importantly 4WD. Price of Isuzu V-cross in Nepal is Rs. 64,99,000. Whereas, price of Isuzu D-max in Nepal is Rs. 73,00,000. Like you said, MRP price of Isuzu S-cab is Rs. 39,99,000. But most probably, they offered you discount in NADA. That is why you said a lower price.

    If you need any price updates for Isuzu pickup cars, you can always check this list of ISUZU pickup price in Nepal. They pretty much update the list time and again. So, you can always come to this page for information.

    Novice Answered on September 15, 2018.
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