I want you to have it available again’

Reward. For beating this exploration you get the ability to cast the charm contain and access to the pit where you can runecraft OSRS gold time and space runes (with 65 runecrafting). What do you think? Well for a start I will tell you that I’ve been given permission by a mod to post this so dont tell me theres a sticky for it.

My thought is a brand new range/melee weapon. How to create: It would be a participant made weapon. It would be made by creating a longbow from any type of log that is normally use to generate a very long bow. Once you have a longbow you then can make a blade from most types of metal in runescape (bronze-rune). As soon as you have the blade then you’d Utilize the blade with the longbow.

Blades: Bronze: level 5. The blade which it is possible to connect to the bow is based upon the type of timber that the bow consists of. (The more powerful the wood that the stronger the alloy you may use) This would create the sharpbow (perhaps a better name later). It would also utilize a new sort of arrow known as a arrow. These would be slightly more than a standard arrow and would be wholly metal. The arrows you may use would depend on the longbow which you make to attack the blade to. Thieving: A safe will fall from the skies and land before you, then you’ll place your ear against the secure and try to crack it (sort of like the wall safe in the rogues den). You will then open it and take a hand full of gold jewelry/silver jewelry, and a golden tiara with Old school runescape buy gold the forces of a blood talisman bount to it, and then you are going to hold it up in the air, then everything disappears.

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