I understand Legion is just one of those expansions

Classic was busted too though. Druids were pretty shitty for some time, particularly if you wished to WOW Classic TBC Gold go freal. Healing was great, but not as great as a priest or shaman. They’ve always had broken classes they don’t fix. They did exactly the exact same thing when they eventually fixed feral druids, they acted like they gave us something astonishing. I had been a feral druid to get a year before anyone would take me raids, it might have been more, I can not recall today. Lol.

I was a frost DK and also to actually hit the numbers I needed to be pulling, you HAD to have this legendary. I wan na na say it was some bracers? I ran Nighthold over and over. For months. I wound up quitting for a while and came back in the end of BFA.

I was primary tank for a guild for half of WoD doing mythic. The guild fell me as a major tank at Emerald Nightmare because the sole mythical I managed to get (even though I did all potential farming) was sephiz secret. Confidentially it was also mythic ursoc where they fell me.

I understand Legion is just one of those expansions people adore but holy shit do people forget that it had almost all of the issues BfA had, it just masked it all by throwing power in the player and ended at a halfway good state. It even had the exact same class issues, Warlocks were terrible until 7.3.5. It is actually the only expansion that made me hang up my Warlock and I mained demo in WoD. I frankly don’t know what Blizzard is believing with class balance these days but every single expansion appears to have something severely broken class-wise which takes no less than a year to cheap WOW TBC Gold fix.

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