I have started to earn points here how and when it is going help me??

How many points should I earn?
How it is going to help me ?
So that I get more interest in answering to d questions….

Novice Asked on August 11, 2016 in Forum.
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    You can earn as many points as you want. More you put your questions or answers, more points you will earn. And with every point, your chances of earning higher privileges will increase. Remember, this is a test build site and we will come with something more intriguing. For now, just be active and help the community both by questioning and answering.

    The next platform we will bring will compensate and reward you recurring cash bonus. However, we may surprise our current user here in civilqa.com as well in the future. And we have more chances of doing it than against it. Also with increase in points, your level of reputation will also increase; with each milestone of points, we are going to introduce various titles for our forum members.

    Few tips for you:

    • Be proactive and help the community
    • Please write full proper question in heading (But don’t make it too long as you can describe it later) and then describe the question briefly & clearly.
    • Please write proper English. Don’t write in shortcuts as if you are texting on the mobile phone.
    Novice Answered on August 11, 2016.

    Thank you

    on August 11, 2016.
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