How to make leather in New World

In New World, in addition to metal ingots and cloth, if players want to make weapons, armors, tools, bags, etc., players also need a lot of Amazon New World Coins leather. Players can improve their leatherworking skills while exploring Aeternum. When the player gets all the hides from the carved creature, the player has a lot of materials to learn this skill. If players want to understand the basics of skinning and the knowledge needed to make higher-quality leather, you can read the following New World Leathermaking Guide.

Before starting leatherworking, players need to collect hides from the creatures roaming Aeternum. For this, the player needs a skinning knife and a recently fallen animal. Each animal can only be skinned once. The player’s skinning skill level determines the level of animals that the player can skin. As the level increases, the player can track larger and larger animals. The larger the creature, the more hides the player will get. Creatures such as elk, bears and wolves will be the best source of hides for players.

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Take the player’s raw leather belt to a leatherworking station in any town and turn four raw hides into one coarse hide. If the player makes rough skins in batches and has a higher skill level, the chances of the player to make additional parts will increase. When the leatherworking skill level is 50, the player can obtain 4 coarse leathers. As the level of leathermaking increases, players will be able to produce higher quality leather. These leathers will help make better New World Coins equipment, including improved bags that can increase carrying space.

Players can use a series of items to take full advantage of the advancement of leatherworking skills. A higher quality skinning knife will increase the player’s skinning speed and may give players a chance to obtain rare items. Players can use the proficiency enhancement potion made of water and particles in the workshop to increase the number of hides collected. Players can also make or buy bags that can reduce the weight of the leather, leather, and skinning knives in the inventory, allowing the player to strip more animal skins before returning to the city for unloading.

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