How to keep your Animal Crossing New Horizons data from being lost

All Animal Crossing Items data on the island is the result of our labor. How do you ensure that data on your island is not lost?


The Animal Crossing New Horizons islands that any of our players take over are desolate. From the moment players enter the game, the task of protecting and upgrading the island begins. Nintendo gives players complete design freedom. The special thing is that after the ACNH 2.0 update, ACNH items have a complete range and wide coverage. Both quests and purchases are important ways to get ACNH Items. The ACNH items for sale list provided by ACbellsbuy guarantees the fastest delivery speed based on giving players 10% OFF. Buy ACNH Island Designs or buying cheap ACNH Bells are very efficient. Every small item is available in a different color. For the ACNH island designer who pursues perfection, the New Horizons player’s item list fully meets the player’s visual design needs. Each island design is the result of a lot of time and effort by players. Therefore, it is very important to protect the security of island design data.


One Switch can only log in one user information. If your Nintendo Switch is lost, stolen, or damaged. It is possible that your previous island layouts and island items will be lost. This means your old island currency Bells, ACNH items, Nook Miles Tickets, New Horizons animal villagers, DIY recipes and more will all be gone. No matter how many hours you’ve spent on New Horizons Island, losing previously unsaved data is a nightmare.


There is a way to back up your saved data to the cloud. All you need is an active Nintendo Switch Online membership, a new Nintendo Switch console, and your Island Save Data Backup previously enabled. The benefits of data preservation can also be used to transfer data between old and new machines. For example, old Nintendo Switch data can be transferred directly to the new Switch. This function is similar to smartphone data transfer.


How to Submit Backup Data in Animal Crossing New Horizons
1. Click the button in the lower-left corner of the screen and find “Backups – Not Set”.
2. Feel the prompt and eventually you will open your settings.
3. After seeing Nook, talk to it and select “Island Backup”, “Enable Island Backup” and “Island Backup has been enabled” step by step.


Only the Switch that has successfully turned on the data backup will save the data. If you don’t have data backups because of the villagers, you need to bear the dire consequences yourself. The most terrible result is the disappearance of the Buy Animal Crossing Bells, Buy AC items and Buy ACNH NMT. This is a great asset. Now that the New Horizons game has matured, you’d better upgrade your Switch to the latest version first. If the Nintendo Switch data backup fails. The first thing is best to check your Switch data version first. You must make settings beforehand. Otherwise, Nintendo Switch without activated data backup cannot save data normally. Of course, all data-saving processes need to be carried out in the presence of a network.

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