How to fix black screen issue while playing Video

Videos are the easiest way to convey our message to viewers. Videos are found in multiple formats and use in  different media applications. If the video does not play well, then it means that you will have to either upload the video again and create it again. Redesigning the  video is a lengthy procedure, the designer should repair the faulty video. The User faces the blank screen issue while playing video in any VLC player or streaming service.

User can recognise these problems before repair corrupt videos through a third party tool. There are some simple checks, which user can do it by itself-

  1. Check the connections.
  2. Set the best-suited display for you
  3. Update Windows 10
  4. Update the display driver.

To get more descriptive information about video blank screen error and other affects by this problem, visit here ;

Novice Asked on January 28, 2021 in Softwares.
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