How to find vacuum metal in New World

Currently, Amazon Games’ brand new fantasy MMORPG New World has officially launched. The situation on Aeternum Island has gradually stabilized. More and more players are occupying territory and are looking for resources and equipment to create. In New World, craftsmanship has a very important value. This task is sometimes tedious, but it is essential in the life cycle of the work.

Players can collect some materials directly from the original repository, but the drop rate of other materials is very low, so players also need to conduct a thorough search to obtain more materials. This includes the very rare Level 3 Void Metal, which is an important part of New World’s many crafting recipes. Therefore, the following guide will explain how to use different collection methods to optimize the time to Buy New World Coins sort metals in the shortest possible time.

New World provides several strategies that are helpful in finding Level 3 Void Metal, but each strategy has one smallest thing in common, that is, mining skills. The simplest one is obviously to go to the iron ore deposits in person, the discovery rate of these iron ore deposits is slightly higher. Players can find these places on the island of Aeternum, but to save time, players should focus their research on the south, in the hills and caves surrounding the Windsward and Everfall areas.

Although how to develop mining skills in New World is not a basic part of being able to collect level 3 vacuum metal. However, by developing it, the percentage of players that will obtain this material during the extraction process has increased significantly. In short, the player is not forced to improve it, but by doing so, the player can hope to restore Level 3 void metal in New World, thereby providing any deposit that can contain it.

During the adventure on Aeternum Island, players will encounter two types of wolves, and a considerable proportion of them will drop the New World Coins materials the player is looking for. In this process, players will need to consume a large amount of New World Coins. For those players who don’t have much time to play games, this is not a small number. So I recommend NewWorldCoins to you, they provide the cheapest New World Coins on the market.

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