How Lord Ram died?

How did Lord Ram die? I have heard several times the story of death of Sita. But death of Bhagwan Ram is hardly mentioned anywhere. Can some one please tell me the story of death of Ram?

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    After death of Sita, Ram was devastated and he knew now it was his time to leave this world, but he also knew that up and until Hanuman is alive Yamraj (god of death and righteousness) cannot come to him as Hanuman will stop him.

    So Ram played a trick. Once he took out his ring and threw it in a crack on ground and asked Hanuman to get it. When Hanuman got into the crack he got to know that it was a way to nag lok (abode of serpents) where he met Vasuki (king of serpents) and told him about his mission. Then Vasuki led him towards the mountain of rings and showed him the pile of rings and told that since eternity, every time Treta Yug has come, Lord Ram has thrown the ring in similar way at the end and asked a monkey to come and take it back. By the time the monkey would return back, he would have gone with Yamraj.

    Hanuman quickly realized that he is that monkey who has been part of this cycle, Yug after Yug.

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    Novice Answered on January 19, 2019.
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