Golden Goose Sale Chrissy Teigen

Makeup artist Patrick Ta-whose clientele is comprised of perpetual bombshells like Gigi Hadid, Golden Goose Sale Chrissy Teigen, and Emily Ratajkowski-suggests focusing on a luminous soft-focus glow using a creamy concealer on the center of the face as needed and a featherweight highlighter to strobe the cheekbones, temples, and other areas of the face where light hits naturally.

Fashion brands at every level should be readying themselves for change, whether it happens this year or a couple years from now-and certifications like B Corp’s offer a chance at a head start. It’s not not your grandmother’s jacket, says Sabrina Burda and Noelle Pallais of their new label Sano’s signature items-Tyrolean-style outwear with modern-day wearability.

As we continue to bring the coziness of our stay-at-home style into our everyday lives, we’re bringing playful sneaker trends along with us. The science of gemology also proved fascinating. That’s the tradition of it. When rain and snow hit, Stella McCartney’s rubber duck boots, and Miu Miu’s hefty lugged lace-up boots will easily stand up to the elements-just look to the Miu Miu’s snowy mountainous look book backdrop for proof.

If there’s one move I rely on to give my curly shag that extra oomph before I walk out the door, it’s a tried-and-true flip and shake, which instantly lifts the roots and gives me more volume. In Milan, another guest wore woven leather ballet flats with a printed shirt and crisp white trousers.

While it’s dainty, the eye-catching contrast of the leather and opulent mini silver balls give it edge. The question is, are you brave enough to rock them, or are they so outre that only a supermodel can pull them off We say go for it. But tiny scarves get a bad rap.

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