Face my fury once again

Who is your name? I am (Playername) and Noble Adventurer. What about you? and I’m Questing Past. Here you can experience Questing Past in the Cave of Remembrance. That sounds interesting, but what quests must be completed? The Ghost will give you an Quest List. What is the Quest List? It lists all the quests needed to OSRS gold complete the mini-game. The last Challenge will require 200 QuestPoints. Do not lose this list. I have only some remaining. Do I have to go in? Yes, but I’ll verify that you’ve completed one of the quests listed below.

The Ghost reviews your Quest List, and teleports you to the Cave of Remembrance. Boss 1. Glough’s Black Demon. Requirements You’ll be fighting bosses in an order random. You can quit at any time you like and can return to where you started. The Ghost disappears, and the room shakes. The same tune from The Grand Tree plays and Glough walks out.

Face my fury once again! Glough is gone, and a Black Demon (Level-172) Appears. Glough’s maximum hit is 13. There’s a safespot hidden behind the stalagmite piece. This will protect you from damage. If you kill him, you’ll see him be able to drop the Grand Tree Sigil. This is a part of the crest of Remembrance.

Boss 2 Khazard warlord. The requirements are: Tree Gnome Village Ghost of Questing Past is ready for the next fight. Here’s the deal… You are transported to another place. You are back! I will not rest now…. Bring forth your fury! Fight the Khazard warlord (Level 56) and he won’t die. Ha! I’m just warming up. To cheap RuneScape Mobile gold take on General Khazard’s Warlord, you must work more!

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