DQ0560-160 Nina Chanel Abney x Air Jordan 2 Low SE Will Be Officially Released On July 8th

2020 Cheap Jordans, As the highlight of Jordan Brand’s joint name next month, the Air Jordan 2 jointly created with Chicago artist Nina Chanel Abney has finally released the official image, and the exact release information has been exposed for the first time! Favored by museums, curators and collectors, Nina Chanel Abney has established a distinctive style that reflects contemporary social and racial issues with her almost cubist composition and bold use of flat colors. This joint shoe is also different from the previous OFF-WHITE x AJ2 and Union x AJ2. It adopts a minimalist design language and bright colors to bring two specifications of high-top and low-top styles. The high-top is shown in white and red color matching, and the stitching of a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčleather and lizard texture is presented, restoring the most original Air Jordan 2 silhouette. The tag that comes with the shoe is a change from the traditional Nike Air dress, and Nina Chanel Abney personally draws MJ’s geometric figure on the field.
New Jordan Release, Another green low-top version is based on the same design language, and the heel is added with a leather shoe handle. The TPU elements of the original Air Jordan 2 are simplified and covered with green leather. The seal of the shoe box echoes the tag pattern designed by Nina Chanel Abney herself, and is also decorated with geometric colored lines inside and out, showing a high standard. Nina Chanel Abney herself also showed the effect of upper feet in advance, with a simple and capable temperament, low-key and advanced for daily wear.
2022 New Jordan, This year, MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based art group, has become more and more familiar. First, the “Wansi” Wavy Baby shoes were launched, and the magical visual effects were popular all over the Internet. The Vans parent company VF Corporation subsequently filed a lawsuit against MSCHF. Not only did it not disappear, but the official “certification” made MSCHF more topical. Recently, MSCHF has eyed Nike again and launched a pair of Super Normal shoes that spoof Air Force 1. The Air Force 1’s iconic pure white design is used as a whole, and the silhouette is exactly the same as the Air Force 1. However, the tailoring and lines of the shoe body have changed dramatically, as if they were dissolved and distorted. Even so, the punching of the shoe body, the shoelace tag and even the text elements of the heel can be seen to correspond to the Air Force 1. The upper foot effect is indeed special enough. From a distance, the shape is classic, and it is worth pondering if you look closely.

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