Design procedure of post tension slab/beam.

Can i know the design procedure of Post tension slab/Beam which is in practice in India. and I would also like to know is there any books to refer.



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    “I’m civil engineering ,just we follow fundamental procedure of the design:(1)ultimate limit state,(2)service ablity limit state,(3)detail design aspects .then by comparison with reinforced concrete aconsiderable saving in concrete and steel since ,due to the working of the entire concrete cross -section more slender designs are possible.smaller deflection than with steel and reinforced concrete,good crack behaviour&high fatigue strength,and we have to know bonded post tensioning and unbounded post tensioning as well as punching shear”

    —- Qanansiisi WD Qananii (Quoted from internet)

    Novice Answered on July 26, 2016.
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