Colocrossing vs Hivelocity vs Others

We are looking to bring on a new infrastructure partner (specifically dedicated servers) and have been looking at a few companies including Colocrossing and Hivelocity. In looking through some recent posts here, I see some information that doesn’t give me “warm and fuzzy” feelings.

I wanted to ask the group as a collective what their thoughts are on Colocrossing and Hivelocity on a range of topics including:

  • Technical support including their managed services. Do you believe their managed services are worth the value? Have you ran into anything they exclude like a tweak to a software installation or no support for things like CloudLinux?

    Customer Service

  • Product Offerings
  • Recent experiences
  • What do you feel that they do well?
  • What do you feel that they struggle with?
  • What do you feel they are missing from their service that would make them great?
  • SLA’s (have you had to use them, did they honor their stated times or were they full of excuses?)
  • Billing issues? Have you had any difficulty with their billing system or department? If so, please explain.
  • Network: Have you had any issues with their network? If so, what have you experienced?
  • Have you used any other infrastructure provider that has been stellar? If so, who and what made them outstanding?
Novice Asked on August 7, 2017 in Web & Internet.
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    The first thing I want to say is you’re going to get a lot of biased reviews on ColoCrossing because of a couple of big incidents they’ve had here on WHT. I’m not going to praise them to be the best, because as much as I like Jon and his company, that’s not what I truly believe. But I definitely think they are far opposite from a shady operation, they are growing everyday, and they’ve always taken care of me. I’ll give you my honest review of ColoCrossing and also make a couple of recommendations for other providers I think you should strongly consider.

    I’ve had many servers hosted with ColoCrossing before back when I ran a game server provider. I don’t have first hand experience with their ‘managed services’ but I do know their support was great. I will say, one of their employee’s is very blunt and can be taken as rude, his name is Alex Vial. But he’s been the only issue I’ve had with the company, and he didn’t even really do anything wrong, I just didn’t like his personality when communicating with him in the past. I will answer your questions accordingly below:

    • Customer Service – 10/10…especially if you work directly with Jon. With the exception of Alex, all of their employee’s always treated me top notch, and Jon is so quick to reply and does nothing but impress me when it comes to customer service.
    • Product Offerings – I assume you’re asking the quality and variety of their products. Servers have always been great, no failures or anything. All my customers gave me great feedback about the network when I hosted with them. They have a wide range of products and I never had any complaints.
    • Recent experiences – Can’t say I have recent experiences, I last hosted with them 4-5 years ago. But they’ve grown a ton since then, and usually companies don’t grow with bad service.
    • What do you feel that they do well? – They give you a lot for the price you pay. They are considered by many as a budget provider, but they support you like a premium provider. Like I said, I don’t think they’re the best, but they’re definitely great and when I feel they are a perfect fit for me, I will certainly do business with them again.
    • What do you feel that they struggle with? – It’s hard for me to answer this because I honestly have only had 1 bad issue with them, which was just a specific employee which I’ve already named. You might get a better answer from other past customers of their’s than from me. I don’t want to make them sound like they have nothing bad, but I just personally never ran into any other issues.
    • What do you feel they are missing from their service that would make them great? – I can only answer this question from back in the days, but back in the days their support was slow during ‘off-times’ but I’m pretty sure that’s fixed now. And it wasn’t even terrible, it was just a over a few hours…these days industry standards are under an hour.
    • SLA’s – I have not had to use them. Never once had any downtime or not received anything that was advertised.
    • Billing issues? – No billing issues, everything was automated and straight forward.
    • Network – I was in the game server industry, and this was the most important thing to gamers. None of my customers ever complained about the network, and I had many compliments.

    Have you used any other infrastructure provider that has been stellar? If so, who and what made them outstanding? – GigeNET. If you choose not to host with CC, HV or any other host that I or someone else recommends, please give Mo at GigeNET a shout and let him know Patrick Nett referred you (would be much appreciated). GigeNET has been my favorite provider out of anyone I have ever used. Their network was unbelievably fast, their support was ridiculously amazing, the only issue is they are expensive as balls and they don’t really come down on pricing much. You get what you pay for I guess, lol.

    Aside from GigeNET, I would also like to recommend SteadFast. You may have seen Karl Zimmerman frequent these forums, he’s the owner of SteadFast and runs a solid operation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of a bad review from them, and they’re known to be one of the top providers in the Chicago area. I don’t know exactly what you plan to use these hosts for, but when you mention you’re in search of an ‘infrastructure partner’ I immediately think you should give SteadFast a call.

    TLDR; ColoCrossing is great and highly recommended. GigeNET has been my favorite, but they’re so pricey. SteadFast is a solid choice you should at least look into before making a final decision.

    I feel bad for Hivelocity as I’m praising these other companies and leaving them out. I haven’t hosted with them so I can’t speak much on their behalf, but I will say I have contacted a couple of their reps before and they were very quick to respond and very professional. They also have a good reputation, so if you decide to go with them I’m sure everything will be great.

    Regardless of your decision, I wish you best of luck in finding a new partner!

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    Novice Answered on August 7, 2017.
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