What are civil site engineer interview questions?

Can some one please tell me what are commonly asked civil site engineer interview questions?

Novice Asked on October 27, 2017 in Jobs & Career.
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    Here is the list of few commonly asked civil engineering interview questions to candidates for the position of site engineer:

    1. What does site engineer do?
    2. What authorities are present in the site?
    3. What is function of column?
    4. How to cure concrete?
    5. What is initial & final setting time of cement?
    6. What is honeycomb & how to avoid that?
    7. How will you calculate weight of steel?
    8. Name the field test to check quality of cement.
    9. What is the cement sand aggregate ratios for various grades of cement mix?
    10. How will you test the strength & quality of brick in site?


    Novice Answered on October 27, 2017.
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