Any OVH alternative? Completely fed up with it!

After being with OVH for a while, I was totally fine with accepting a support-less solution, but now that they keep having odd technical issues, seem to have really bad hardware, and their service has even dropped lower (when they have network issues they tell you to diagnose it for them), I’m now looking to move. Are there any cost effective solutions that can provide a similar price point like that in OVH? I am fine even if it little more  expensive however, I’m only looking for large, established, reliable companies similar to OVH. Please suggest me some good OVH alternatives.

Novice Asked on March 21, 2016 in Web & Internet.
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    Among the few companies that I know which can match the price and services of OVH are as follows:

    These dedicated hosting companies can truly be the good alternatives of OVH. If anyone has further companies to add to this list, you can answer here itself.

    Novice Answered on April 3, 2016.
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