2K will add seasons to City, Current Generation

Since NBA 2K launched its first version on next generation consoles, it felt unfinished and uneven. The game of NBA 2K22 MT the next generation, ‘City’, featured players running for 1,000m from point A to B in order to play. It’s an impressively large city in 2K22, 2K Concepts cut out a lot of the random and abandoned buildings, making the City appear smaller.

2K will add seasons to City, Current Generation and other versions of the game to give players a completely different experience. Different seasons, during which you will earn XP to level up and that’s accompanied by “REP” for your MyPlayer in addition to boosters and free stuff through each level. Each season offers 40 levels in which you can get cars, boosts, and animations as gifts.

NBA 2K22 will also feature (on both gens) the in-house voices from all 30 NBA Teams all over the NBA. Marcus Tucker, the voice of Buy MT 2K22 the Memphis Grizzlies within FedExForum will also be featured in 2K22.

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