What is concrete?

What is concrete? And why is it preferred in construction works? Please tell me its advantages and disadvantages.

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    Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, pebbles or crushed rock and water, which, when placed in the skeleton of forms and allowed to cure/harden, becomes hard like a stone.

    Major advantage of concrete over traditional wood is that concrete outperforms wood as a construction material, and won’t burden building owners with constant repair and maintenance costs. Versatile, long-lasting and durable, concrete is a cost-effective, sustainable choice for both residential and commercial buildings.

    Main disadvantage would be that it has low strength-to-weight ratio, has less tensile strength and is susceptible to cracking.

    For more information on it you can read blog on what is concrete & its properties.

    Novice Answered on July 25, 2016.
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    Concrete is a proportioned mixture of cement: fine aggregate: coarse aggregate
    Advantages is that it is more workable can be easily placed ..
    More durable ,resistance to change in weather condition
    But it is not cost effective because of cement hence nowdays researches have proved that replacing Concrete by flyash by certain % is more effective and cost effective

    Novice Answered on August 10, 2016.
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