What is civil engineering?

Can I know what is civil engineering? Why is it called mother of all engineering? Can it be because it is older than other. Please elaborate it. I am thinking to take civil engineering in Bachelor but wanted to know the details before I do so.

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    The civil engineering is that part of engineering which deals with design, construction & maintenance of civil structures such as house, buildings, roads, dams, bridges etc. For detail, you may visit: thecivilengg.com – what is civil engineering?

    Regarding why its called mother of all engineering is may be due to following reasons:

    1) It has more consistent demand and will never run out of scope.

    2) It has vast field within it to explore and study unlike other engineering disciplines which has limited subject fields to choose after your general bachelor studies.

    3) It is the oldest branch of engineering. Initially, it used to be referred as military engineering. For details on its history you may want to read: History of civil engineering

    4) Payscale and growth opportunities is relatively higher than any other branches.

    Novice Answered on July 14, 2016.
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    Civil engineering – The Father of all branches and it is the oldest branch of engineering.
    Civil means it is related to society , civil engineers have the most responsibilities of the public than any other branches.
    Proud to be civil engineer… Thank you

    Novice Answered on August 9, 2016.
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